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8.01.16 Don't Get Fined for Having a Party!
7.26.16 Midvale Park Neighborhood Assoc. Survey
3.04.15 Now About The Sidewalks
1.27.15 Neighborhood Nugget
1.02.15 Did You Know?
8.01.14 Alley Maintenance Memo Pima County
6.16.14 Feral Cats
8.23.13 Prepare For Emergencies
7.01.13 Household Hazardous Waste Program
6.18.13 Hot Cars on Hot Days
5.22.13 Additional Security Patrols in the Community
5.14.13 Midvale Park Fitness Corner
4.12.12 Shopping Cart Pick Up Schedule
5.18.09 Important HOA Notice


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Midvale Park is a master planned community of 3550 homes in the southwest part of Tucson, Arizona. All homeowners within Midvale Park automatically become members of the Midvale Park Homeowners Association (Master Association). This is a nonprofit corporation created by recorded deed restrictions called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The CC&Rs set forth basic rules intended to maintain the lifestyle and aesthetic appeal of the Midvale Park community. In this way, the CC&Rs enhance the value of each home and of each neighborhood, making each home a wise and profitable investment.

This website is intended as an informational resource and a communication tool between homeowners and the community management. You can access a variety of resources here from the actual documents governing the Midvale Park community to Midvale Park community newsletters, City of Tucson web links, and local classifieds.

You can fill out online or print out an architectural review form, fill out a classified ad, or report a concern online.

Garage Sales Abound!
Garage Sales Abound!

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